Being a Single Parent

Single parenting can be quite exhausting mentally, physically and emotionally. You may chose to be a single parent, or it may so happen that during your pregnancy you and your spouse may have problems and decide to split. This can be a very difficult and trying experience in your life.

If you ave decided on single parenting you will see that you will get more support from the family and your relatives as they know that you are alone. If you are a single parent due to the reason of divorce, make sure your husband is providing well for you and the baby. Single parenting can be difficult in terms of loneliness as ell since you may long for adult company. It is more difficult to go out, and it is better that you invite your friends over to your place.

Single parenting will allow you to bond with your child and you will not need to share this bond with anyone else. You are likely to be more tired as you are alone and caring for the baby, so take a nap every time your baby is sleeping. Child care options may also be quite expensive for single parents, so you must chose a job which would provide you a creche there itself.

Even if you are a single parent, you can allow your husband to be a part of the baby’s life. Make a set plan as to when your husband would keep the baby and do a llow his parents to be a part of your baby’ s life.

You will find yourself not being able to share the joys and pleasures and also the difficutles of bringing up your baby with anyone. This is something a lot of mothers experience. The first year is especially difficult as you will have to care for the child, do the household chores and also get a job.

All these need to have a good balance so that you can bring up not only a healthy, but also a happy child. Encourage relatives to visit you whenever they can so that they can also help with your single parenting.