Being Pregnant at 35

Pregnancy at any age is more often than not a blessing. It is especially true if this blessing comes late in a woman’s life after long years of wait. Becoming a mother at 35 can be advantageous. At this age women are more mature, confident, patient and stable with their professional, financial as well as personal lives. However, there are a few medical concerns of being pregnant at this age.

Once a woman reaches 30 her biological clock starts ticking. It becomes more and more difficult to conceive post 30. Ovulation begins to get arrested and the eggs that are released are of poor quality. But this will also depend on individual biology. But there will certainly be difficulty in getting pregnant at a later age.

At the age of 35 there are many medical problems that afflict a woman. These include high blood pressure and heart related problems. If you are aiming to be pregnant at this stage in your life first start getting treated for any of these problems that might pose a high risk pregnancy.

Go for a prenatal testing. As a woman ages her ability of having a healthy baby declines steadily. The babies can be born with chromosomal abnormalities. Get yourself tested for this as well as Down’s syndrome. Take details from your doctor on amniocentesis.

Many women will not suffer from major complications during pregnancy. However, it is a good idea to read up more on pregnancy problems related to late age such as placenta previa and how to deal with them. Late age pregnancies also have high numbers of premature delivery. So you should be aware of how to deal with preterm labor. Meet your doctor regularly for checkups so that any complications can be found out at early stages.

Get yourself adjusted to the idea of caesarean section. After the age of 35 cases of caesarean deliveries increases may folds. Don’t feel guilty over it. Having a c-section isn’t going to take away your motherhood from you.

Taking proper care of you during pregnancy is very important. This means no smoking or drinking, eating your veggies right and taking prenatal vitamins regularly. Be happy and don’t pay attention to any snide remarks over your late pregnancy.

Anubha Pandey