Being Super Mom

Everyone women would agree that becoming a mom is the most special feeling in her life. Children are bundle of joy that change the whole aspect of being a woman. After becoming a mom, women life takes a total change. Upbringing a kid is not only a challenging job but at the same time it’s full of responsibilities.

Every mom these days want to become “super mom” for their kids. They leave no stone unturned in order to prove them to be the best of best mom. They put their all efforts while bringing up their kids in the most special way and developing them into best of best human beings. In brief, for being super mom, mothers need to support their kids, develop understanding and playful relationship with them and inculcate correct and good behavior.

Every human being is a social animal. We all need support from our family, friends, close ones at one time or the other. Kids too are not exceptions. Kids always prefer their parents especially their moms to be around them for their support.

Moms by providing them emotional or physical support build confidence and stability in their kid’s behavior. They become sure that when they need their mom, she is always around them.However; moms should avoid overdoing it, in order to make them self independent individuals.

Mom-kids relationships are a special relationship and hence require special efforts. Right from the initial years, mom needs to develop one to one relationship with their kids. In other words, she needs to develop an understanding with her kids. This will help her to understand her child better and hence guide her to choose the parenting style.

During the formative years of child development, kids undergo several behavioral and other changes. Some of these changes may not be good and not acceptable .In order to make kids understand them about their wrong habits/behavior, moms need to deal with them careful and correct them.

For this , moms needs to carry casual and playful approach rather than serious one. Pleasing attitudes of moms, help the kids to develop sharing  and understanding behavior.Kids understand the language of love and affection more rather than scolding.

Moms needs to equip their kids with various skills like  communication, emotional , social skills etc  right from the early years so that there is an overall development of their kids and they are able to face all the challenges in their life smartly and confidently.

Developing personality and good behavior in kids is a very essential part of parenting. For this moms should communicate and interact with their kids regularly. Kids should be given positive feedbacks, encouraged to work independently, provide emotional support, and guide them about right and wrong, good and bad.

Thus these are few ways which helps to become “SUPER MOM”

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Raka Raghuvanshi