Benefits Of Belly Bands During And Post Pregnancy

Benefits Of Belly Bands During And Post PregnancyPregnancy brings with it the excitement of creating a new life but also the start of some very uncomfortable physical conditions. Morning sickness, loss of appetite and increased body weight during the final stages of pregnancy, are some of the many problems that a mother has to face during this period.

Medical research has developed a plethora of equipments and medications that aim at reducing the discomfort to some extent. Belly bands are one such innovation that helps women to tide over the final stages of pregnancy. Before we discuss the uses of belly bands, let us first understand what belly bands all about.

What are Belly Bands?

Belly bands are large elastic tube tops that wrap around the expanded abdomen during pregnancy. They help in providing a shape to your pregnant stature so that you can fit in your panties and jeans. Belly bands are available in various shapes and sizes.

Benefits of Belly Bands During & Post Pregnancy

To Fit into Old Clothes

During pregnancy, a woman’s body undergoes some very significant changes. Among the other physical and hormonal changes, expanding in form is the biggest change. This physical change brings with it the difficulty to fit into old clothes. This is when you can take the help of a belly band.

Belly bands will help you to wear your normal size clothes for an extended time period. You no longer need to wear long tops to hide your unzipped trousers. Wear the belly band over the pant so that it covers the zipper and the stomach at a time. This will hide the open zippers and will also act as a belt to hold the pant at its place.

For Back Support

Belly bands also help in providing extra support to the bones of vertebrae. With progression in pregnancy, the baby inside the mother’s womb grows in size and weight.

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This indicates that you will have to carry greater weight which in turn puts pressure on the tail end of your back bone. The use of belly bands in the final stages of pregnancy provides additional support to the inflated stomach and as such helps to reduce the pressure on the back bone.

For Re-shaping After Birth

Mothers who are looking to regain their original physical shape can use belly bands. The flexible belly bands will support the sagging stomach after pregnancy. Continuous use of the band along with proper diet and exercise will help in the firming up of the stomach muscles. In this way the elastic bands help in post-birth alteration of the mother’s body.

Belly Bands as a Pain Reliever

Medical research has shown that eighty percent of the women who use belly bands during their final trimester have to face less pain of the pelvic girdle. As the baby reaches its final stages of development inside the mother’s womb, it starts to put pressure on the mother’s pelvic girdle. A belly band supports the excess weight while reducing the discomfort of the pelvic region to a great extent.

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