Benefits of Bottle Feeding

When you are pregnant, you are always told about the importance of breast milk and the good that it does to your child. Sometimes, breast feeding can be difficult and not possible due to other complications in the mother.

In such cases, even though it can be quite depressing in the beginning, you may have to start bottle feeding.

Bottle feeding does not necessarily mean giving top milk or outside milk. Bottle feed also includes expressing your own milk and storing it in a bottle to feed your child. There are lots of advantages if you are bottle feeding your baby.

Firstly, it is very convenient as almost anyone can feed the baby. Your husband can wake up and do the night feeds and you can  adequate rest which you need everyday. If you are planning to return to work, it will be impossible to breast feed the baby.

In such a case, bottle feeding is your only option and your nanny or relative who you leave the child with can feed the baby. There is no need for you to rush home as new milk can be prepared with formula.

If you have had a cesarean and you are not keeping well, it is easier to bottle feed your baby. Also, if the baby is premature and is unable to suck effectively, the child will not put on the desired amount of weight. Bottle feeds allow the baby to drink quickly and you will see your baby put on more weight faster.

Always make sure that your caretaker knows exactly how to prepare the formula milk. Before you leave for the day, all you will need to do is to clean and sterilize the bottle and keep the boiled water which is required to prepare the formula ready.

The easy thing about bottle feeding is that within a few months the baby will begin to hold the bottle by itself and suck the milk. This makes the whole transition to bottled foods and drinking from glasses easier.

Giving bottle feeds does not mean you love your baby any less. Just as breast feeding is a way of life, so is bottle feeding.