Benefits of Breast Feeding to the Infant

There is never enough that can be said about the virtues of breast feeding for your baby.Breast milk is a complete form of nutrition. It helps supply the baby with loads of antibodies, which are very essential for the baby. You will need no other form of food as long as the baby is on breast milk and is growing well.

Babies who breast feed are known to settle down faster. They tend to be much happier, healthier and also more chubby. They fall into routines faster, sleep better and are less trouble when they are awake.

The sense of smell from contact during breast feeding helps the baby bond with the mother. This is why it is often said that you should use breast feeding to spend quality time with the baby. Avoid watching television or talking on the phone while feeding. Make eye and body contact with the baby and you will see a strong bond forming.

The immunity of the baby only starts to develop once it is about eight weeks old. Till such time, it is totally dependent on the nourishment and the antibodies it is receiving from the mother’s milk.

Breast feeding is most convenient, even if you have to go out. It saves you the trouble of having to mix feeds and sterilize bottles over and over. You will never be delayed having to pack food for the baby or mix it. You will never have to wake up in the middle of the night and have to run around mixing and readying the baby’s feeds.

The consistency of the milk secreted by the mother changes from time to tie depending on the needs of the baby. Initially, it is very thin since digestion in the baby is not well developed. The consistency continues to improve with time. This is unavailable from any external supplement.

The mother’s body initially secretes colostrum, which helps the meconium come out of the body. Meconium is constituted by the impurities present in the baby’s body which exit through the stools. Colostrum also helps improve the immunity in the baby.