Benefits Of Breastfeeding

Breast feeding is supposed to be the best way to feed an infant, as the mother’s milk is supposed to be a complete food. But nowadays more and more mothers shy away from this and resort to other methods like bottle feeding.

If the mother is not lactating enough then there won’t be any way other than to bottle feed the baby.But lactating mothers sticking to bottle feeding is not at all a good idea. Breast feeding helps the mother and breast milk helps the baby in many ways.

Breast milk increases the immunity of the new born baby to a very high level. The first drops of milk flowing out of the mother’s breast are termed as colostrum. Colustrum is supposed to be rich in antibodies which will increase the immunity of the baby, makes him healthy and helps him to fight diseases. Bottle fed babies on the other hand develop low immunity against diseases and is also susceptible to many diseases during their early stages of development.

It is also found out that children who drink breast bring have a very less chance of developing allergic reactions. It is seen that  babies who drink breast milk develop a higher level of intelligence than their bottle fed counterparts. Recent studies have also established the fact that breast fed babies have a lesser chance of developing obesity conditions in later life than the bottle fed ones.

Breast feeding is beneficial to the mother in many ways too. Breast feeding is supposed to reduce the risk of the mother contracting breast cancer and ovarian cancer in later life. It is found out that the bonding between the mother and baby increases by breast feeding. Breast milk doesn’t require to be sterilized before it is fed to the baby. In a way breast feeding is found to be economical and less time consuming as compared with bottle feeding.

Mothers should understand the benefits of breast feeding and take it into consideration Even if the mother is working; it should be made a point to breast feed the baby at least once in a day.

Breast milk is natural and the most complete form of food a baby can ever get. Mothers should be wise enough to breast feed the baby and thus prepare him for a healthy life ahead.