Benefits of Breastfeeding

Mother’s milk is the best source of nutrients for the baby. Various medical studies have proven this fact many times. Your baby gets a balanced meal as breast milk contains all the required nutrients in right proportion. No manufactured milk can come close to the benefits of breast milk.

Breastfeeding a baby increases immunity:

A newborn baby is very delicate and is susceptible to many infections. The milk that flows out of mother’s breast in first few days called colostrum is packed with antibodies that increase the immunity of a baby. Colostrum also strengthens the respiratory system of a baby.

Breast milk is easy to digest:

Babies take time to digest the formula milk as proteins in formula are made from cow’s milk.It has been found that breast milk is best for premature babies because the mother’s milk is also premature and thus suits the needs of the baby.

Breastfeeding reduces the risk of many diseases and allergies amongst children such as obesity, diabetes, asthma and cardiovascular diseases.Breast milk has the right proportion of sugar, fat, water and protein as required by the baby. The milk changes over the time to meet the demands of the baby.

There is no chance of giving contaminated or adulterated milk to the baby if you are breastfeeding. There is no need to sterilize and bottles and nipples which saves a lot of time and energy. You don’t have to go to the market to purchase formula milk which saves a lot of expense.

Breastfeeding gives the mother a chance to get some quiet time for herself with the baby. This makes the bonding between mother and baby very special.Mothers can breastfeed a baby for six months and even more as it is the healthiest form of milk for a newborn.

If the mother is working, the caregiver can feed the baby with expressed milk. Various kinds of beast pumps are available in market to help the working mothers.Women who breastfeed their babies face lesser risk of breast cancer, ovarian cancer. It also reduces the risk of post partum bleeding.Breastfeeding often helps in delaying the return to fertility as it suppresses the process of ovulation.

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