Benefits of Coconut Water in Pregnant Women

Well, you must have heard many people advising you to increase your fluid intake during pregnancy. Fluid is required by every person but its necessity during pregnancy is even more. But many women tend to take beverages such as soft drinks, coffee, or even marketed energy drinks. Water is perhaps the best fluid for pregnant women.

It helps in treating many pregnancy problems including pregnancy constipation. It also plays a role in transporting oxygen to the fetus. When one says water, you may think of simple plain water. But if you can look a little beyond plain water, there is a unique nutritious drink which is really good to take during pregnancy.

Yes coconut water is perhaps the best drink for a pregnant woman. It contains a number of nutrients which are beneficial for you and your developing unborn baby. Moreover coconut water is naturally sterilized and is totally clean and safe.

Now let’s see the benefits of coconut water and how it is helpful for a pregnant woman and her unborn baby.
Coconut water is quite rich in magnesium, chlorides, and potassium. It also contains a fair amount of protein, sugar, and sodium and also some amount of vitamin C, calcium, fiber, riboflavin, and manganese.

Any diet recommended for a pregnant woman consists of all these nutrients. Even a normal person suffering from general illness or otherwise can get a lot benefits from coconut water. Coconut water is especially recommended in pregnant women due to several reasons.

First, it is natural source which keeps your body hydrated and helps in treating digestion problems. Moreover, this drink is completely natural and has no chemicals content. Rather it has high quantities of electrolytes. Apart from hydrating your body, coconut water is an isotonic drink replenishing any salt loss in your body. Secondly, coconut water contains no fat and is a cholesterol free drink.

Women are really conscious of weight gain during pregnancy. And this drink is just the right choice during pregnancy. This drink also has properties which help in preventing urinary tract infection and heartburn which are common problems during pregnancy. Moreover it has anti-viral, anti-bacterial, and anti-fungal properties and hence helps in keeping the immune system high during pregnancy.