Benefits Of Jojoba Oil During Pregnancy

Benefits Of Jojoba Oil During PregnancyOne of the very important and effective oils used in aromatherapy is Jojoba oil. The oil is an extract obtained from the seeds of jojoba plant that belongs to native America. The ‘oil’ is in fact a wax ester.

Wax esters are liquid wax that are essentially composed of fatty alcohols and unsaturated fatty acids. The wide use of jojoba oil is further enhanced by the fact that the oil does not get stale and therefore does not need any preservative for its upkeep. The oil can be stored in its natural form for days and months.

Benefits of Jojoba Oil during Pregnancy

During pregnancy a number of physical, hormonal and psychological changes occur in the body of a would-be mother. Irritation, pimples, pregnancy ache, stretch marks are just some of the many symptoms that a woman has to face during pregnancy. Jojoba oil has been used for years for providing skin benefits but also acts as a relaxant for a pregnant woman. The uses of jojoba oil during pregnancy are mentioned below-

For Reducing Stretch Marks

The chemical composition of jojoba oil makes it compatible with the essential oils produced by the body. As a result the oil acts as a good moisturizer that gets absorbed very quickly. When a few drops of jojoba oil are mixed with almond oil and applied regularly on the abdominal portion and other areas that are prone to expand, stretch marks cease to occur.

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Aroma therapists and naturopaths’ advice the use of the oil just after you have taken a shower. Very light handed jojoba oil massage can be beneficial in relaxing the itching sensation of the expanding regions of the skin. You can also add a few drops of kuikui oil to your jojoba for a relaxing massage.

For Acne Treatment during Pregnancy

As mentioned above, during pregnancy, a number of hormonal changes occur in the body. These changes increase the oil production of the body’s oil glands and together with choked pores, enhances acne and pimple formation. The application of jojoba oil reduces the problem of pimple formation during pregnancy. Because of similar chemical composition, the body glands are tricked into believing that enough oil has been produced and as such ceases its production. This helps to keep the face clean and devoid of pimples.

For Hair Care 

During pregnancy, the condition of hair can be unpredictable. Because of changing physiological aspects of the body, hair can get brittle, dry and turn greasy. In case hair gets dry, use warm jojoba oil to massage the scalp after bath. In case the hair turns oily, do not condition your hair but apply a tiny drop of jojoba oil to the scalp.

As a Relaxant

Aromatherapy uses jojoba oil as a relaxant. The smell of the oil has a relaxing effect on the nervous system. The nerves that swell because of expanding body weight start to relax and as such the new mother is relieved of some pressure on the backbone.