Benefits of Organic Baby Food

When your baby is ready for solid foods, as a parent you would want to give only what is most healthy and best for your infant. Organic food is considered pure and natural, free from chemical fertilizers, pesticides, antibiotics or artificial growth hormones.

By offering organic foods to your baby from the very start, you can introduce healthy eating habits in your little one and be rest assured that your baby is getting food that is completely natural. This article discusses why you must prefer organic baby food in place of conventional baby food and the advantages of baby food.

The harmful pesticides and fertilizers in normal foods are toxic and some can also prove to be carcinogenic. Toxins from such foods when given to babies can quickly get ingested into their blood stream, causing irreversible damage to their vital organs which are still developing.

Besides, these toxins can also prove to be carcinogenic, leading to development of tumors and certain cancers in infants. Since the immune system of babies is not fully developed, any exposure to hazardous substances through food can adversely affect them. Foods laden with pesticides and chemicals are also difficult for babies to digest and can lead to gastric troubles.

Organic baby food is highly recommended for babies susceptible to allergies. If you are introducing solid foods first time to your baby, most pediatricians will advise you to feed organic food since it contains no artificial substances and thereby reduces chances of food allergies to a great extent. Organic food is particularly important when you are offering diary products to your baby.

Since regular milk may be drawn from cows injected with growth hormones, it is best that you avoid regular milk. Instead offer organic milk to your baby to be assured that your baby formula is completely free from hazardous antibiotics and hormones.

Organic foods are also considered more nutritious and easily digestible. However, one major constraint with organic baby foods is that they are much more expensive that regular baby food. You may also have to seek specialty grocery stores that sell organic products as not all stores stock organic produce.