Benefits Of Prenatal Massages

Since long back, many people have used massages as a form of relaxation and reflection. Today, there are many types of massages intended for different purposes varying from simple stress releasing and relaxation massages to medicinal and therapeutic massages. Among these is a pre-natal massage.

Pregnancy is an important time for women and can be overwhelming for many. Along with hundreds of hormonal and chemical changes, the body is under a lot of pressure during a pregnancy.

Prenatal massages can do wonders for both the mother and child. Along with relaxing the expecting mother, it reduces the collected muscle fatigue throughout the body. It gets the blood circulation running smoothly, so that it releases joint tension and stress.

A good massage relaxes the contracted muscles and prepares the mother for the pending labor. For the to-be born also, it smoothens out the bumps which develop in the third trimester due to the increased stress levels.

If the mother faces problems like swollen ankles and back pain, a relaxing massage can do wonders. With regular massage, one can observe reduced morning sickness and nausea.

The hormonal imbalances can be stabilized giving way to peaceful sleep patterns for the expecting mother. Massages during pregnancy also make the pelvic muscles more flexible, resulting in an easier and smoother labor. It can help in reducing lump formation in breasts.

Many times, the mother’s skin loses its tightness after giving birth. With continuous and correct massages the skin will become firm and toned. Prenatal massages will also reduce flatulence and gas that is common complaint.

Studies show that the child inside the womb responds to touches from outside the body. The massages increase circulation of amniotic fluids through the placenta and thus are good for the child’s body in terms of posture, development of the limbs and keeping the heartbeat steady. Today many massaging styles have been designed for expecting women.

Some are simple and can be given daily at home too. There are highly specific massages, for example the Swedish massage. However, one must always remember that these massages must always be given by a trained masseur at all times.