Benefits of Reading Books in Kids

Developing reading habits in children should be a joyful journey for them. As kids spend maximum time at their home, this is the best place to start developing the healthy habit of reading books.

Presence of Television and other electronic gadgets at home has made the task of parents all the more challenging. Its entirely parents attitude and creativity on how they expose their children to books so that their kids get attracted to them and books become their best friends.

Reading books is not only a source of entertainment but it is also a source of abundant information and knowledge to children .Once the kids, inculcate the habit of reading books, they automatically start availing the benefits of reading in their daily life as well as in their studies.

In the initial years of childhood, parents can introduce books of pictures, symbols, colors. This helps the kids to learn about them and later correlate .By doing so, kids develop the habit of correlating things and logical thinking. Thus, and books are important tool of teaching kids. In preschool phase, parents must read out the stories to their kids on a regular basis. This helps the kids to develop into good listeners. It also helps in shaping the attitude and behavior of the kids.

By reading books, they develop reading skills and hence into good readers which in turn provide them support in their studies. Children should be encouraged to read out books loudly. This helps to provide speech clarity and removes reading and speaking inhibitions in them. It also helps to increase concentration power, vocabulary and also improves grammar.This helps the kids in their studies as well as extra activities like debates etc and thus develops confidence in them.

Knowledge is power and  books are source of knowledge. They provides facts and information on various subjects and thus broaden the knowledge base of their kids.

Parents involvement in kids reading habits also helps to build a strong relationship between them. Kids love attention from their parents and such healthy habits, develop confidence among the kids.

However while developing reading habit in their kids; parents must keep a check on their kid’s subject of interest as well as on their convenient time. Thus, main objective of the parents should be to develop healthy readers in their kids because only healthy readers are healthy listeners.

Raka Raghuvanshi