Benefits of Using an Ovulation Predictor Kit

Especially for women with irregular menstrual periods, an ovulation predictor kit can be a great tool in helping them to get pregnant. The significance of this tool can be gauged by the fact that majority cases of infertility in women are caused by irregular periods.To know the benefits of using ovulation predictor kits, you should also know why predicting ovulation is important and how by predicting it you can increase your chances of getting pregnant.

If you think that by indulging in sexual intercourse on any day you would become pregnant, you are quite wrong. During an entire menstrual cycle which should ideally be made up of 28 days, a woman is fertile only for about five to six days.

This is called a fertile phase during a menstrual cycle. Timing your sexual intercourse during this phase increases the possibility of getting conceived. And this phase starts three days before ovulation and ends 24 hours after ovulation. Ovulation is the expulsion of egg by the ovary and happens 11 days before your menstrual period arrives.

An egg can live for 24 hours after its expulsion. A sperm on the other hand can survive for up to three days. As such, a sperm which is release from three days before ovulation to one or two days after ovulation has the best chances to fertilize the egg.

Now if you know when you are going to ovulate or are ovulating, you can time your sexual intercourse accordingly thus heightening your prospects of getting pregnant. And this is exactly where an ovulation predictor kit comes into the picture.

It is available at drugstore and can be bought without a prescription. Now let’s see how an ovulation predictor kit works and how accurate this tool is. Ovulation is stimulated by a hormone called LH or luteinizing hormone. The level of this hormone rises just before ovulation.

Now, an ovulation predictor kit detects the surge in LH in your urine and predicts ovulation twelve to thirty-six hours in advance. As such, you can time your sexual intercourse accordingly and enhance your chances of getting pregnant. The cost of an ovulation predictor kit may range from $20 to $50.