Benefits Of Walking During Pregnancy

Benefits Of Walking During PregnancyYou can greatly benefit from walking during your pregnancy. It is the cheapest, easiest and least taxing forms of exercise. Walking can leave you feeling good, healthy and fit. If you have been active, now is not the time to give up on physical activity.

A certain degree of physical activity, which includes walking, is necessary for a smooth delivery and labour. Let us now list some of the top benefits of walking during your pregnancy.

Benefits Of Walking During Pregnancy

It Keeps Your Weight in Check

Try to do a moderately brisk walk in your first trimester. It will prevent you from gaining excessive weight. It will also help to reign in uncomfortable first trimester symptoms like nausea and morning sickness. Exercising is the best way to avoid excessive weight gain, which is fairly common among women. If you have gained a normal amount of weight during your pregnancy, you are also likely to shed it later.

Walking Benefits by Preventing Aches and Pains

Keeping active and being on your toes will take care of many uncomfortable symptoms like abdominal cramps, swelling and back ache. Make sure you wear well fitting shoes that do not hurt you or cause stress on your joints.

Walking helps to prevent fatigue

Walking in the open countryside is a great stress buster. It elevates your mood and helps to enhance blood circulation in the entire body. Walking also releases endorphins that are the ‘feel good’ hormones, which make you, feel peppy and energetic. Go for an early morning walk when the weather is cool and you can breathe the early morning fresh air.

It Eases Labour and Delivery

Walking will help make delivery more comfortable for you. Your stomach and pelvic region will always remain supple and exercised and the labour will be short and tolerable. Increased blood circulation to the pelvic region will mean lesser pain for you.

It Helps you Get back in Shape

If you have been a regular walker, all your baby fat will come off soon after delivery. This is because your metabolism is constantly revved up and it is much easier to shed the extra pounds once you get back to your normal exercise routine.

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It keeps you Distracted

When you are walking, it is your ‘me time’. You are distracted and can concentrate on enjoying yourself without having to worry about household chores and other responsibilities. In that sense, walking is a great stress buster. If you combine it with meditation and stretching, it will induce calm and help to reduce anxiety.

It Reduces Water Retention

Water retention generally occurs due to poor blood circulation and staying in one position for too long. The best way to cope with this is to take out your walking shoes and go for a walk. Walking will help to reduce the excess swelling especially around your ankles.

Now that you know the benefits of walking during pregnancy, most of you expectant moms out there will incorporate walking in your schedule and derive maximum health benefits and satisfaction out of it.

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