Best Bedtime Games For Children

Best Bedtime Games For ChildrenBedtime is often a time when you spend some quality moments with your children before they fall asleep. Many times, children can not fall asleep without being read a story or without taking part in a game.

At these times, bedtimes games can be of a lot of help in assisting you to put your children to sleep. There is another important reason why there is a specific set of games known as bedtime games. This is because these are games that will help your child to fall asleep.

If your child plays a stimulating video game before bedtime then he or she will not feel sleepy at all. On the other hand, these bedtime games are quiet and are designed to enable your child to fall asleep. At times, it is difficult to make children brush their teeth before going to bed or changing into pajamas.

During these times, you can allow your children to play a few games before they fall asleep to get them to brush their teeth and change into pajamas. Maintaining a routine of playing bedtime games also makes your child look forward to the time for bed instead of trying to push it back to stay awake longer.

There are thus many advantages of playing bedtime games. The following article will elaborate on the various kinds of bedtime games for children that you can engage your children in, before they fall asleep.

Different kinds Of Bedtime Games

As already mentioned, there are several kinds of bedtime games for children. You can choose the ones for your children to play by selecting the ones that they like best. Since the whole point of bedtime games is to engage your child in a quiet yet fun activity so that he or she falls asleep, choose games that you know your child will enjoy.

Bedtime Scavenger Hunt

A bedtime scavenger hunt is a very popular and well liked bedtime game among children. For playing this game, you can hide little toys of your children all around the bedroom and have your children search for them before going to sleep. A very beneficial aspect of this game is the fact that searching for toys would interest him and at the same time make him more tired. So once the game is over, your child will be more than eager to fall asleep.


Puzzles are another game that will allow your child some quiet yet interesting and engaging time before going to bed. There are several puzzles with little pieces that are available for children to solve. These puzzles do not take much time but at the same time are so engaging for your child that it will make him want to sleep once the puzzle is finished.

You can also play this game with your child by taking turns to put in the pieces of the puzzle. Joining in to solve the puzzle will allow you to spend some time with your child before he or she falls asleep and will also make your child take more interest in the puzzle.

Warm or cool

Bedtime games for children need to be simple since they are played before falling asleep. One such simple game is warm or cool. You can tie a napkin over your child’s eyes and then make him or her come towards you without seeing where you are. You can do this by saying ‘warm’ when your child is close to you and ‘cold’ when he or she is farther away. You can also make your child look for a toy and other favorite objects and playthings.

Picking Up Toys

Bedtime Games For Children

One very interesting and useful bedtime game for your child is picking up toys. Throughout the day, when your children play, they are bound to leave various toys and parts of toys all around the room and also the house. In this game, you can encourage your child to look for these toys and bring them back to the child’s bedroom. The useful aspect of this game is that your child will learn to be responsible about his or her toys and also your house will become free from strewn toys. The picking up of toys can also be turned into a toy scavenger hunt.


Playing cards with your child do not mean playing regular card games that you play with your friends. Instead, card games that are played by children involve testing the memory skills of the child by asking your child to identify cards that are shown before. This game will help to exercise the mind of your child and thus make him want to fall asleep once the game is over. Card games are a great way to exercise the mind of your child and make his or her observation skills and memory skills sharper.

I spy

A game of I Spy is another fun bedtime game for children. In this game, you need to indicate an object in the room by saying its color and make your child identify that object. It is a simple yet fun game to play that will engage your child before he or she falls asleep.


Bedtime is a time of the day when we wind up our activities. At this time, when you are tucking your child into bed, you can ask about what he or she did the entire day, the things that he learnt and the new friends that were made and so on. It will help to spend some quality time with your child especially if you are away at work the entire day and do not get to see your child.


Finally, the most popular way to help your child sleep is by telling your child a story. Children love to hear stories, hence you can tell a different story every night to your child or even read to your child from a colorful children’s storybook. Another way to make this more interesting is if you and your child make up your own stories. You can say one line and encourage your child to continue the story with another line.