Biggest Pregnancy Fears

One of the biggest fears in pregnant women is regarding the labor. They fear about the labor pain. They also fear whether they will have natural child birth or will have to go through caesarian. But you shouldn’t worry. Worry and fears will give you sleepless nights which will cause adverse affects on your fetus. If you take proper care why should there be any abnormalities.

Another biggest fear pregnant woman goes through is regarding miscarriage. If they feel even minor pain in abdomen they get terrified expecting it to be sign of miscarriage. On slightest heartburn they get terrified again expecting it to be sign of miscarriage. You shouldn’t fear so much. Heart burn and minor abdominal pain is common during pregnancy.

It happens due to the enlargement of uterus or extra pressure on stomach due to the growing baby inside you. However, if you find non stop pain or extreme pain which lasts for long you must consult your doctor immediately. Smoking, consuming alcohol or caffeine may cause miscarriage. If you don’t smoke or don’t consume alcohol, you don’t need to fear about miscarriage. And if you smoke or consume alcohol and tobacco, stop them as soon as possible.

Many pregnant women fear that they will lose the affection and love of their husbands as their husbands would no longer find them exciting lover. But actually it doesn’t happen. When you are pregnant your husband loves you more. Don’t think that they love you just for having sex.

Some women fear that while having intercourse, her baby inside will be hurt. Discard this fear! As long as you are having intercourse during safe period, your baby will not be affected. Doctors suggest that if you don’t have any complications, you can have safe sex till the due date.

Some pregnant women fear too much about their figure. Though it is true that pregnancy affect your figure by increasing your weight; skin and breast sagging; putting stretch marks on your body; enlarging your reproductive organs, but there is nothing to worry about.

There is a natural rule that to get something you have to pay something. So if you are going to get a child of your own, why to worry about these trivial matters? They are not going to last for ever. By little exercise and proper care you can get back in shape.

Rakesh Kumar Lakshman

Written many famous TV serials including Health Based TV Shows, several articles and stories for various renowned magazines and also written articles for websites.