Birth Control Method: The Benefits of Choosing Essure Procedure

So you already have enough kids and you and your spouse have decided to put an end to pregnancy process permanently. Now the option before you is to take up a birth control method. There are many birth control techniques which you and your partner can choose from. Tubal ligation, which is a surgical contraceptive process in which the fallopian tubes are tied, used to be the only option for women.

But now women can take advantage of a new birth control technique known as the Essure procedure. This method is considered more advanced, convenient, and safe than tubal ligation. And the good news is that this procedure may be covered by your medical insurance.

Essure procedure has been endorsed by thousands of women worldwide and has an overwhelming success rate. You can speak to your physician and get more detail about this procedure. Nonetheless, let’s get familiar with Essure procedure and how it works.

In this contraceptive procedure, micro-insert, which is soft tiny spring, is placed in the fallopian tubes. After about three months, tissues start growing inside the micro-inserts. The tissues then block the sperms’ access to the egg. This procedure is so simple that it can be accomplished in about 15 to 20 minutes. No hospitalization is required and you can get back to normal activities in two to three days. As such, undergoing this procedure need not disturb your work schedule. Get it done on a Friday and on Monday you will be back to office.

An X-ray test, done after about three months from the day of undergoing this procedure, determines whether tissues formation has taken place. This method does not require containing your hormones, and no incision is also required. Hence it is considered safer and more advanced than tubal ligation. Moreover since it does not require you to undergo surgery, recovery is quite fast. And the best part is that no cases of side effects or adverse reactions have been reported so far.

This permanent birth control technique is perfect for working women. Get more details from your physician and find out where this procedure can be performed.