Bleeding During Early Pregnancy

Bleeding During Early Pregnancy

Most of the time pregnancy will be a normal  with out any complication. In certain cases there may be some complications like bleeding. Bleeding at any stage of pregnancy is dangerous but unfortunately bleeding is found to be one of the common problems in pregnancy. Bleeding may range from slight spotting to heavy bleeding with blood clots. Here are some of the causes for bleeding in early pregnancy.

Causes of Bleeding During Pregnancy


Many women experience slight bleeding after two weeks of fertilization and this may be due to implantation of the embryo on the uterus wall. While implanting, the tissues around the embryo gets attached to the endometrium of the uterus and may disrupt this lining. This in turn results in bleeding. The duration of bleeding may vary from person to person and it may be less than that of the menstrual bleeding. Implantation bleeding may be with pink or brown spotting.

Cervical Changes

Pregnancy leads to an increased supply of blood to the cervical region. Hence it may leads to bleeding in case of sexual intercourse. Any disturbance in cervical region like cervical infection, physical examination etc may also leads to bleeding.


Bleeding during early pregnancy can be a sign of miscarriage. If the pregnancy is not normal then most of the time body will try to expel it.

Placenta Abruption

In certain cases the placenta gets detached from the uterus surface and cause bleeding. It may happen mostly during the 12th week.

Placenta Previa

This is condition in which the placenta remains partly or completely on top of the cervix and may cause bleeding.

Ectopic Pregnancy

This is a case when the embryo gets attached to the fallopian tube instead of implanting on the uterus wall. In such cases the woman experience severe pain and may feel fainting.

Molar Pregnancy

After fertilization an abnormal mass develops with in the uterus instead of the embryo. This is a rare case and it may also leads to bleeding.

Bleeding during pregnancy is a condition that requires excessive and prompt care.