Bleeding In Early Pregnancy

Bleeding during the first three months of pregnancy is one of the most common problems faced by pregnant women. But bleeding can be of different types and at times it subsides without causing any harm to the baby but in certain cases it may end up in miscarriages.

Whenever bleeding is noticed the best alternative is to inform your gynecologist about the bleeding. Here are some of the causes for bleeding in the first three months of pregnancy.

Causes of Bleeding

Implantation bleeding- Even after pregnancy is confirmed the egg may migrate from the fallopian tube to uterus to find a place to get implanted. During implantation the egg burrows the soft lining of uterus and causes some of the blood vessels to break leading to slight bleeding. This blood may take time to reach the vagina and hence turn its color to brown while get noticed. This is also called implantation bleeding which does not cause any harm.

Cervicitis- which is the inflammation of the cervix is the another reason for bleeding in which case the delicate tissues near the mouth of the womb tend to bleed due to mechanical abrasion during intercourse, infection or due to the change of acidity in the vagina.

The hormonal changes during pregnancy may cause the delicate internal tissues of the womb to peep out and thus get exposed to the harsh environment which they never used to and this may cause slight bleeding. Sometimes yeast infections may cause inflammation in the uterine cervix and cause bleeding. Sexually transmitted diseases such as Chlamydia, gonorrhea, trichomonas etc can also cause bleeding.

Polyps- they are overgrown benign tissues that are developed due to the estrogen levels in the body and cause bleeding. They are harmless and can be removed painlessly by twisting and if not removed, they will get destroyed at the time of delivery.

Decidual tissues-
which are the hormonally stimulated menstrual like tissue collection that disintegrates due to some unknown causes and results in spotting. It won’t cause any harm to pregnancy.

is the loss of pregnancy and is associated with fresh bleeding and cramping. It can be due to the genetic incompatibility of the fetus, improper implantation site etc. In such cases no treatment or medication may be of use to continue the pregnancy.

Whenever there is bleeding or spotting, better consult the doctor and ensure that the baby and mom are safe.