Boost Your Child’s Sense of Worth

Once you become mother the prime focus shift to child and building their future. Not only money is required to take care of their basic needs but they need our attention, intimacy and guidance. In growing years of child the foremost thing is to develop correct attitude and temperament. To start with attitude building first is to induce the sense of worth which constructs foundation for dignity and self esteem.

Different parents have different mode of stirring up sense of worth in the child but instead of making it lesson and set of rules to be mugged up, it should be part of learning with growing age and that too with more and more practical life occurrence or in other words virtual learning. This way there would be very less chances that child will finally be victim of any opiniated belief, which they will follow as thumb rule for their rest of the life.

Parents can be bit discreet in their behavior and mode of dealing with child. This automatically works towards building sense of worth. No matter even small task has been accomplished by your child; even participation in any school activity, never fail to praise their efforts. Teach them the best medicine to deal with any depressive situation is positive thinking; this helps fight critical situation and build self- confidence.

Never discuss your child’s non acceptable behavior with other family members, this makes them feel that they have labeled not suitable for performing specific task and this directly hits their self worth. Instead it should be discussed personally with child itself in very soft manner.

For instance, if child is not good in mathematics, parents must guide them to practice more, clear the basics and provide the expert to help them solve the problem at initial stage. This way they gain the confidence and at later stage can help them selves’ without any support.

No one can deny the fact that with the generation of sense of worth, child is more likely to feel independent, accept challenges and creative, accountable at right age, can handle depressive situation in quite positive manner.