Bottle Feeding – Tips

Breast milk is considered to be the best way of feeding babies. This holds true because of two reasons—firstly, because it’s said that mother’s milk contains all the essential nutrients needed for healthy development of the baby.

Secondly, the probability of infection in babies is comparatively less than bottle feeding.However, due to various unavoidable reasons, many mom’s practice the habit of bottle feeding their babies. Therefore,for a healthy and hygienic bottle feeding; mom’s should always consider and follow certain tips while bottle feeding their babies.

The most important factor to be kept in mind while formula feeding their baby is to prepare formula milk by following step by step instructions mentioned on the can. Beside this, while making the feed, one should always mix the milk powder and water thoroughly without leaving any lump in the bottle.

Consistency of formula milk to be fed to a baby varies with their age.Therefore, moms should always consult the respective pediatrician from time to time regarding the consistency of formula milk to be given to their baby.

Before making the bottle feed, one should always clean our hands and maintain proper hygiene. Feeding bottles, nipples and its cover should be cleaned and sterilized after every feed. Beside this,–

Size of the feeding bottle should be as per the quantity of the baby feed. This means, one should start with a smaller size bottle and gradually increase the bottle size, depending upon the feed quantity. Before feeding the infant, hole in the nipple should be neither too big nor too small. It should be in exact proportion such that there is continuous flow of milk and the baby is able to drink its milk in a normal way.

One should always prepare fresh formula milk to feed our baby.Therefore, one should always keep warm water ready to make the feed. One should keep separate feeding bottles for water ,juice and milk. Milk left in the bottle,should be discarded and  never reused. After every feed, one should burp the baby to avoid any gaseous formation in the stomach. Bottle fed babies needs to be burped more in comparison to breast fed babies.

Before feeding the infant, one should always check the milk temperature. It should neither be very hot nor it should  be cold. Instead, the feed should be luke warm. Therefore, one should check the milk temperature on our wrist before putting bottle in our babies mouth.  One should never leave the baby unattended with feeding bottle in his mouth. It can cause choking and thus prove to be very hazardous and fatal.

Raka Raghuvanshi