Bottle Feeding Tips

Breast milk is considered to be the best milk for kids .However because of various reasons, all mothers are not able to breast feed their babies and so, they have to bottle feed them.Like breast feeding,bottle feeding has its own area of concern and requires  planning.

There are number of brands of formula milk present in the market.So, when a baby has to be formula fed, then the most important decision for the parents is to choose the best brand of formula milk for their baby. This involves a lot of home work to be done. Parents must always consult their doctor, friends or colleagues for the same. One must always keep an extra can of formula milk for emergency purposes.

Keeping in mind the frequency of feeding, parents must keep at least 4-5 feeding bottles, nipples, bottle brush, sterilizing fluid, microwave sterilizer. The size of the bottle should be small for the first few initial months and then as the feeding amount increases bigger bottles can be introduced to the baby.

Separate bottles should be used for feeding milk and water. Bottle nipples come in several qualities like rubber, silicone and latex.So, parents must select the nipple as per their baby preference. Beside this, when buying nipple one must make sure that the amount of milk flowing from the nipple is just right for the baby neither less nor more.

You can check the same by turning the bottle upside down .A new born baby will splutter milk if the flow is fast ,or they may become frustrated by a slow nipple. So, depending upon the age of the baby, nipples selected should be slow, medium and fast. Depending upon the condition of the nipple, old nipple should be replaced from time to time.

Sterilizing bottles is an important and the most essential task of bottle feeding .After every feed ,the bottles along with the nipples should be sterilized. This involves washing the bottle and nipple with a brush and soap water and then rinsing them and sterilizing them with the sterilizing liquid either in a pot of boiling water or in a microwave.

Next comes, preparing formula milk for your baby .One must strictly follow the instructions mentioned in the can for making baby feed. One must also keep in mind the amount of milk to be made for its baby. Milk is the only source of food for babies.So, the amount of milk to be fed to the baby should be in proportion to their requirement and hence doctor must be consulted. Before feeding the baby, temperature of the milk should be checked to avoid any unpleasant experience .Parents must keep a track of their baby’s feeding time and so should prepare the formula in advance.

Feeding time is the best time for bonding. New infants must be provided with proper support in their head and should be fed by cradling them in hands. Babies should not be fed while they are sleeping. While feeding babies, put a bib in order to protect their clothes and after every feed, babies must be burped.

Raka Raghuvanshi