Breast And Nipple Care While Feeding

You start feeding the baby within an hour of giving birth. It may not be as easy as it sounds. You will surely need to master the art of breast feeding in order to deal with fewer problems.When you just begin feeding, home you hold the breast and also put the nipple in your Childs mouth is very important. If your child is very hungry he may hold the nipple in such a way that he will start biting you and this is very painful. He will suck vigorously and cause you tremendous discomfort.

When you put the nipple in the Childs mouth make sure the entire areole that is the entire nipple is in the mouth. The nipple must be held with the pointer finger and the middle finger and squeezed gently so as to go into the child’s mouth.

Sometimes the biting by your child mill cause you to develop cracked nipples and this can also start bleeding. So make sure you buy a nipple cream and apply it between feeds also taking care to wipe it well before the feeds. Nipple shields are also available to cover the nipple which can be taken out after your nipple is correctly in the child’s mouth and he is sucking correctly.

Engorgement of the breasts is also very common and sometimes lumps also form in the breasts. These can be very painful. Taking a warm water bath will help reduce some of the pain. Alternatively you can also put hot water packs on the breast. In the case of engorged breasts it is best to feed your baby more often and if he is full simply pump it out to ease the pain.

Also it is important to wear a well fitted feeding bra as it will protect your breasts from sagging. Make sure it is the correct size for you. Also wear breast pads so as to avoid milk leaking from the breasts and causing it to stain the clothes. Once your baby starts getting teeth it can be painful and again you can get cracks on the nipple due to the biting. So do not throw away that nipple cream once you have become an expert at feeding as you are sure to need it and also use it again.