Breast Care During Pregnancy

Breasts are very vulnerable and fragile part of women’s body .

During pregnancy because of various hormonal changes in the body, breasts too undergo a number of changes. Therefore, it’s important to take special care of them during this period.

During pregnancy due to increased blood flow,the breasts become tender and swollen.So, special care and attention should be given to the breasts so that after childbirth, the mother is fully prepared to breastfeed her baby without any problem.

The major change during this period is the change in the breast size due to increase in fat and milk glands. This means, breast grows in size and weight .So, expecting moms should:

* Wear a comfortable and correct size of bra.They must wear a good brand bra which provides support and holds the breast in place without squeezing them.
* The bra size should be changed according to the change in breast size during this phase.Choosing the right bra ,prevents the breasts from sagging.
* Under wire bras should be avoided as they put pressure on the milk glands and thus interferes with lactation.
* During night,maternity sleep bra should be worn to provide support even  while sleeping.

As the size of the breasts increases,there are chances that this may lead to stretch marks. So, expecting mothers should apply and massage stretch mark creams on their breasts gently.

The nipples change in color and size as well. They sore, enlarge and stick out more. Too much dryness, too much friction and too much wetness, makes the nipples sore.So, in order to avoid the dryness, expecting moms should avoid:

* Using soaps on their breasts and instead should apply good moisturizing creams on them.
* Rubbing the breast and nipples with towel
* Wearing tight and incorrect size bras

Breasts need regular and special attention during pregnancy.One should not overlook any tumors and must visit breast physician for their advice and treatment. Because even the smallest tumor can start growing during this period and interfere with the ducts and prove to be a hindrance during lactation.

During the last weeks of pregnancy, the breasts start preparing themselves for lactation. As a result there may be leakage of colostrum. To manage, this discharge one should use breast pads in the bra.

Depending on the amount of discharge, pads should be changed frequently and after each change the nipples should be allowed to dry to avoid too much wetness.

Raka Raghuvanshi