Breast Milk Leakage: Causes and Solutions

One of the most wonderful and genuine decisions a woman makes is to breastfeed her baby. The medical community beyond doubts favors breastfeeding over bottle feeding with formula milk. The unique nutritional benefits of breast milk can never be substituted with formula milk. However, many mothers choose not to breastfeed or stop breastfeeding their babies after giving it a try for few weeks.

And one of the reasons for choosing not to breastfeed or ceasing breastfeeding is breast milk leakage. This is a problem faced by almost 90 percent of breastfeeding women. And sometimes, breast milk leakage can put you in really embarrassing situations. Just imagine that you are in a social gathering and suddenly milk squirts making your garment wet around the chest!

Although a leaking breast is totally normal and not a cause for worry, it can of course become a problem. Majority of the breastfeeding women can experience leakage in the first eight weeks after delivery. A few women however have to deal with milk leakage until the baby becomes six months old.

Also, breast milk leakage has nothing to do with the breast size. Even women with smaller breasts have this problem. As such, it will be valuable to discuss the causes of breast milk leakage and ways to deal with this problem.

One of the causes of milk leakage has to do with your reflex. When you baby cries signaling that he or she is hungry, your breast may automatically leak milk. The same phenomenon happens when you think that your baby is in need of feeding. Oversupply is another cause.

When the breasts become engorged they may leak milk. A warm water bath may also cause leakage as the warm water stimulates milk production. Some women also complain of breast milk leakage during sexual intercourses.

Now, let’s find out how to prevent breast milk leakage. First, prevent your breast from becoming too full. Pumping or hand expressing breast milk to relieve engrossment is advised before going out. Breastfeeding your baby just before going out is also another solution.

Also, whenever the milk leaks, pressing your fingers against the nipple may stop the leakage. If this is not possible – as you may be in public – you may also press your arms against your breasts to give the same effect. Moreover, you may also use nursing pads.