Breast Pumping-Some Tips

Breastfeeding may not always be a feasible option for mothers owing to constraints such as work. Breast pumps allow you to feed your baby with your breast milk even when you are not around.

The mother can pump out the extra milk and store it for later use. This will ease the heaviness of the breasts and will also reduce the incidence of conditions like breast engorgement.

By following certain tips, you can make breast pumping a comfortable experience.

The first step lies in choosing the suitable kind of breast pump.The type of breast pump you choose should depend on the frequency and time of its usage.

You can rely on a manual breast pump, if its usage is limited to pumping out only a few ounces of milk a day.Manual breast pumps are operated by the movements of hands and legs.

For frequent usage, it is recommended that you buy an electrical breast pump. Electrical breast pumps run on batteries and are a bit expensive than manual breast pumps.But the level of efficiency is higher for an electrical breast pump.

Choose a good quality light weight breast pump, so that you will be able to carry it around with ease. Also use a double capacity breast pump which will allow pumping from both breasts at the same time.

It is recommended that you do a breast massage and drink a couple of glasses of water just before pumping, so as to facilitate the pumping process.

For extraction of milk by using an electrical breast pump, place the cup like portion of the pump over your nipple and switch on the machine.The extraction of milk and its storage in an attached container will take place automatically.

If you are using a manual breast pump, then you will have to bring about the process of suction by manual operations like squeezing or pulling a handle.

If you have difficulties in pumping out the milk, then do check the suction levels of your pump.Also check whether the cup portion of the pump fits properly onto your breasts.

The more you pump ,the more milk you express.It is seen that pumping both breasts at the same time yields more milk. If your nipples feel sore after pumping, then soften them by the application of an emollient.Do clean the breast pump thoroughly after each pumping session.

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