Breast Tenderness During Pregnancy

Breast Tenderness During PregnancyBreast tenderness during pregnancy is a common symptom of pregnancy. Generally breast tenderness is considered a one of the first sign among early signs early signs of pregnancy.

Breast tenderness includes soreness, sensitivity and swelling in breasts during pregnancy. Normally, a pregnant woman starts feeling breast tenderness around 5th week of pregnancy. Mostly women feel this symptom only in first trimester while other women keep feeling, till they give birth to their babies.

Symptoms of Breast Tenderness During Pregnancy

Symptoms of breast tenderness depend on different factors like age of pregnant woman or number of children she has given birth already; these symptoms may differ from woman to woman concerning about sensitivity and severity. If you are younger mother or expecting first time, you may feel more discomforts due to breast tenderness.

There are some symptoms to that indicate breast tenderness during pregnancy.

• High sensitivity in nipples
• Heaviness in breasts
• Increase in breast size up to two cups than normal size
• Itchy in breast and nipples
• Tingly in nipples
• Veins crisscrossing in breast
• Troubling breasts during intercourse

Causes of Breast Tenderness During Pregnancy

The basic reason for breast tenderness during pregnancy is doubling in amount of estrogen and progesterone in blood of a pregnant woman. Due to these hormonal changes, blood flow increases in body and result in breast tenderness. These are Harmon, necessary for healthy development of baby and milk production is breast.

The other cause for tenderness is that your body is getting ready to nurse your baby thus needs to grow and develop more, causing swelling and soreness in breast. Meanwhile your breast tissue also tends to change, milk duct and milk producing cell are going to be developed, causing tenderness, changes in shape and size of breast. More layers of fat are being developed under breast, which also reason for tenderness in breast.

Treatments of Breast Tenderness During Pregnancy

There are some treatments, which can relief you from breast tenderness during pregnancy.

• Give up caffeine
• Increase fiber intake
• Give up food rich in fats
• Wear cotton bra that is fit on you body
• Use without underwire support bra
• While exercising wear sport bar especially designed for working out
• If you feel your breast is hoot, apply cool facecloth on to area
• Take a warm bath to minimize swelling
• Use cold compresses to minimize pain in tender breasts
• Consult to your doctor

Occurrences of Breast Tenderness During Pregnancy

Generally breast tenderness occurs in early pregnancy as 8 to 10 day after ovulation occurred. Sometimes it disappears during second and third trimester, while some women reported tenderness throughout pregnancy; even after delivery, while nursing to their babies.

Time frame

A pregnant woman may feel tenderness more at bedtime when she needs a calm sleep; she may also feel it while changing dresses, during working out, and while taking shower.

Sometimes a missing periods is considered as most common and earliest sign of pregnancy, however some pregnant women feel breast tenderness even before they observed a miss periods. Therefore breast tenderness is also taken as earliest sing of pregnancy.

If you are experiencing breast tenderness, you can minimize discomforts by apply above treatments but ask to your doctor before taking hot bath as in rare cause pregnant woman is not allowed for hot bath. Consult to your doctor if you are feeling unbearable pains, soreness or itchy in your breasts during pregnancy.

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