Breastfeed Your Child Compulsory for 6 Months

Mother and child always share a special bond. One of the major reasons is also because of the breastfeeding that mother gives to the child. Breastfeeding is considered to be the starting point of developing bond between mother and child.

Many new mothers are very curious and have loads of questions in their mind. How long to breastfeed the baby is something which is on topmost of their mind.

All across the world, breastfeeding your child for 6 months is heavily promoted in the media by the health authorities. This is because breastfeeding helps to build immunity in the child. Many experts may even say that breastfeeding should be continued at least for a year. No matter what the time period, breastfeeding your baby is necessary for the well being of your baby.

So whether it is 6 months, one year or longer than that, it won’t make much of difference. Although 6 months is considered to be the minimum period for which a mother should solely breast feed your child. However, after 6 months even your pediatrician will suggest that you should star weaning your baby.

This is because, after 6 months mother’s milk will not suffice for the baby. Since the baby is growing, they would need lot of other foods for filling. As per the experts, till 6 months nutrients from the breast milk are sufficient for the overall development of the child. However, after 6 months this process begins to slow down.

If everything goes well, you can easily breastfeed your child for as many months as you want. However there have been instances when the mothers don’t get the required quantity of milk due to some or the other reason. There also have been instances where child doesn’t take breast milk. In such exceptional cases, you dot have any choice but to start weaning from the beginning itself.

However, in normal circumstances, make sure that you breastfeed your child at least for 6 months. After 6 months, you should start the weaning process and introduce your child to semi solid foods. But that doesn’t mean you should stop breastfeeding your child completely after 6 months. If you are getting the desired quantity of milk and your child is taking it, you can continue with the breastfeeding.

There have been studies which have proved the importance of breastfeeding for 6 months aids in the mental development of your child. Remember that if you start the breastfeeding and stop in couple of days, your milk gets accumulated in the breast leading to several problems. Thus, always remember that breastfeeding is important for mothers and extremely important for your little angels.