Breastfeeding: Deal With It Before Pregnancy

Pregnancy is always a very happy time not only for the pregnant person but the entire family. Most of the excitement is felt during the first trimester which is mainly the first three months. By the time you get into the second trimester you are quite well settled and beginning to actually enjoy the pregnancy .Your last trimester is when the anxiety begins to set in. Most people find it difficult to sleep as the baby is now fairly large. As your ninth month begins you hope your delivery goes smoothly and easily.

Around the ninth month you should start thinking about the different problems you may face during breastfeeding. Your breasts would have undergone changes and you should be constantly pulling and tugging at your nipples.  Massaging the breasts regularly is also a good option.

This is the time you should begin reading books of breast feeding.  Every mother has milk for her baby but, however at times it can be inadequate.   It would be a good idea to have a glass of milk with supplements which help in producing more milk every day, starting at least a month before delivery and continuing the same all through breastfeeding. Ask people about the problems they had during feeding and how they dealt with it.  You should maintain a healthy diet all throughout your nine months.

Lots of liquids should be had. The liquid intake must be at least 4 liters a day which should include a combination of juices, milk, water, soups and coconut water.  Tea and coffee cannot be counted as a liquid.  Being fat or this has no connection to the milk you produce for your baby.  Even the thinnest of people can have adequate milk and meet their baby’s demands.

Going to a class where you can learn about breastfeeding can be a good idea as additional queries by others are also dealt with.  The more you read up on breastfeeding and the more people you talk to about it, the more it will help you in the process.  Do remember there will be no time to deal with the breastfeeding issues after your baby is born.  All the best and wishing you a happy pregnancy.

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