Breastfeeding Problem: Breastfeeding with Large Breasts

Many people have the impression that large breasted moms find it easy to breastfeed their babies. Also, many are also under the notion that moms with large breasts can produce more milk. Both these impressions are wrong! In contrary to general beliefs, large breasted moms with big nipples actually encounter few breastfeeding problems.

Moreover women with large breasts do not produce more milk though bigger breasts can store more milk compared to smaller breasts. But, this again is not a boon but a sort of bane. Mastitis, an inflammation of the breast cause by bacterial infection, is more prone in bigger breasted moms.

Although more milk are stored in large breasts, if the milks ducts are not properly emptied – which is often not the case – the milk can become stagnant thereby making the environment conducive for bacterial infection. To avoid this condition, you can massage your breast gently before and during nursing.

Another problem in breastfeeding with large breasts is latching. Since your breasts size as well as the size of the nipples is bigger than normal, the baby finds it difficult to latch onto your breasts. As such, your baby may not be properly and adequately fed. It may also cause sore nipples in you. So, what is the solution for breastfeeding with large breasts? Following are few tips for breastfeeding with large nipples or breasts.

First you have to use those breastfeeding positions which allow your baby access to a larger portion of your breast including the areola. Lie on your side with your arm around your baby’s back and neck and this will allow your baby to put a large portion of your breast into her mouth. You can also hold your baby under your arm for similar results.

While breastfeeding in sitting position, hold the bottom of the breast with your palm so as to support it. This position also allows maximum access of your breast to your baby’s mouth. If these positions do not work, you can consult a lactation expert. Also, using a breast pump may be a solution. Continue breastfeeding even after bottle feeding your baby with expressed milk. She may get adjusted after sometime.