Breastfeeding Problem: Low Milk Supply

One of the common problems which breastfeeding moms often come across is low breast milk supply. However, some women may actually be under the false impression that they are not producing enough milk. One of the most important signs of low milk supply is your baby not wetting less than usual number of diapers.

If she is gaining weight normally and is wetting enough number of diapers, there is no need to press the panic button. If at all, you are suffering from low breast milk supply, then it is a cause of concern and requires some corrective measures on your part. Let’s find out some of the major causes of low breast milk supply.

One of the most common causes – especially in first-time moms – of low breast milk production is that you are not breastfeeding long enough or frequently enough to stimulate your breasts for milk production. Also, if your baby is not latching properly, stimulation will again be affected.

Though in the first few weeks you may not produce enough milk, the supply increases as you continue feeding your baby. So continue feeding and give enough time to your baby to stimulate milk production.

Secondly, stress is another major cause for low milk supply. Since many new moms suffer from postpartum depression, milk production is naturally affected. The solution lies in adjusting to the new role of being a mother and also in finding time for yourself and doing things you love.

Pampering yourself with what you like best or with things you love most will surely relax you and also do a world of good for milk production. Also, milk production will be affected due to use of nipple shield, smoking or if are taking contraceptive pills.

Low milk supply can also be caused by certain medical conditions. If a mother is suffering from hypothyroidism, her milk production is affected. Also, if she suffers from abnormal vaginal bleeding post delivery due to retained placenta, it can result in low breast milk production.

If the mom is obese, this can also cause delayed production of milk and also low supply. Lastly, polycystic ovarian syndrome also causes low supply of breast milk.

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