Breastfeeding Problem: Sore Nipples

Sore and painful nipples are very much common in new breastfeeding moms. This breastfeeding problem is so common that many new moms think nipple soreness during nursing is natural. But this is not true at all. There may be some problems with the way you are breastfeeding which is causing the pain.

Although it is natural to experience nipple soreness in the first few days of breastfeeding, the pain should be mild in nature. Again, the pain should not last for long. If prolonged and severe pain occurs it’s time to see if you need to make changes with the way you breastfeed your baby.

A common misconception among new moms, especially first-time moms, is that frequent breastfeeding leads to nipple soreness. As such, a few misguided moms are influenced to abandon breastfeeding. However, frequent nursing is not the cause at all. There may be several causes of nipple soreness in breastfeeding moms and one of the reasons is improper sucking techniques of your baby.

When your baby does not latch on properly to your breast, she sucks in milk in an incorrect manner. With the correct sucking technique, the milk should come out comfortably without the baby having to pull your nipple which results in soreness. So that your baby develops correct sucking action, you should adopt a correct breastfeeding position which allows your baby’s mouth maximum access to your breast.

Teething is another reason for sore nipples as your baby often bites your nipples during breastfeeding. If gum irritation is the cause for teething, giving your baby a teething toy before breastfeeding can be a solution. Again, your baby may bite your nipples due to distractions thereby causing soreness. Breastfeeding in a quiet and lowly lit room will be the solution for nipple biting.

There are also other causes of nipple soreness which are not related with breastfeeding at all. Use of certain soaps, lotions, and creams may cause dermatitis resulting in sore nipple.

A tight-fitting bra may also put pressure on your nipples and breast causing the pain. If you get conceived while you are still breastfeeding your toddler, it may cause soreness in your nipples. Lastly, resumption of menstrual period may be a cause of nipple soreness in breastfeeding mothers.

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