Breastfeeding Problems: Clogged Milk Ducts and Latching Issues

A new mom often comes across few breastfeeding problems which may discourage her from continuing nursing her baby. However, these problems are not devoid of solutions. And keeping the benefits of breastfeeding in the backdrop, you should always consult a pediatrician or a lactation expert to find the solutions and continue giving your baby with the nutritional benefits of breast milk.

Let’s now discuss two common breastfeeding problems young moms often face and also the solutions to these problems. Many nursing moms complain of clogged milk ducts. It is a very common issue with breastfeeding women and often discouraged a woman from further nursing her baby. Clogged milk ducts happen when the pores in the nipples are blocked.

Yours nipples have pores through which the milk comes out. When these pores are clogged, enough milk cannot be extracted by the baby. Your baby thus seems discontent even after long duration of nursing. Again, you may experience pain and discomfort on your breasts making breastfeeding even more difficult.

Moreover, clogged milk ducts can result in stagnation of the milk and this can further lead to infection such as mastitis. Mastitis can be painful and discomforting. Often, nursing mothers fail to come up with this issue with a physician until some complications such as mastitis develop.

Solutions for clogged milk ducts include frequent feeding and hot and cold compress. Frequent feeding will not only empty the milk ducts but also encourage the pores to open up. Different feeding positions may also be advised.

Latching issues is another breastfeeding problem. Although some babies effortless latch onto the breasts, some find it difficult to do so. The baby should put a maximum portion of your breast for successful nursing.

If latching is a problem, the baby fails to extract enough milk. Moreover it leads to cracked nipples which can further result in bacterial infection. There are a few solutions for latching issues. First, make sure that your baby is awake and active before being breastfed.

Don’t nurse the baby when she or he is sleepy. Again, you can assist the baby to take in larger portion of your breast into her or his mouth. An open mouth makes sure that the baby latches properly onto your breast.