Breastfeeding Twins: Some Useful Tips

So, your latest ultrasound report says you are pregnant with twins! Congratulations, first for getting pregnant and secondly for being pregnant with two wonderful little ones. When at a time many couples are struggling to become parents and investing huge amounts in infertility treatments, you are naturally blessed with not one but two babies.

But being pregnant with twins can also be problematic. The health issues associated with pregnancy tends to get more severe in women carrying twins.

Again, more preparation is required for labor and delivery. After delivery, the most challenging task for you may be breastfeeding twin babies. So that you are not faced with any difficulty and discomfort breastfeeding twins, you have to prepare in advance.

Breastfeeding a single baby can be problematic and quite stressful at times. Now you have to take double trouble and double are the amount of stress you are likely to get. In such a situation, it is very easy for you to decide on bottlefeeding and discard breastfeeding.

Even those moms who know the benefits of breastfeeding and who make a conscious effort to breastfeed their babies can be tempted to switch over to formula milk. As such, you will find the following tips for breastfeeding twins quite informative and useful.

The first of the tips is to simultaneously breastfeed your babies. This will reduce a lot of stress and will prove less demanding. If you have different timetables for nursing each baby, you will find very little free time for yourself. Just imagine feeding both the babies eight times each in a day! You will easily get exhausted and stress out.

So rather than breastfeeding sixteen times a day, you can cut short the work to eight simultaneous nursing sessions. Relaxing also does a world of good for increasing milk production.

Again, while breastfeeding both babies simultaneously, offer both breasts to each baby. Assigning a breast each for your babies is not a good idea.

Using a nursing pillow will also make you more comfortable. Also, you can try different breastfeeding positions until you find the position which gives you ultimate comfort.

Also, increase your fluid intake and consume lots of green vegetables and fruits. It will help in increasing milk production.

Lastly, you can use an electric breast pump to express milk so that you can bottle feed breast milk to your babies.