Breastfeeding Your Baby in Public

When you have just become a mother, there will hardly be anyone who would advise you against breastfeeding. Your doctor, nutritionist, friends as well as family members will recommend breastfeeding your little baby.

There are several benefits of breastfeeding and it also does a world of good for the emotional bonding between you and your baby. A baby needs to be feed six to eight times during the day. And as such, you may have to come across situations where you have to breastfeed your baby in public.

Breastfeeding in public may be a concern for many women as they may feel embarrassed exposing the breast in public. Moreover some women are not sure how people may react to their acts of breastfeeding. If exposure of the breast is what prevents you from nursing in public, there are tips by which you can minimize the exposure.

Using a nursing bra or a breastfeeding bra is one of the ways to minimize exposure during breastfeeding in public. Also known as maternity bra, such bras are especially made for convenient breastfeeding. It has detachable cups which can be detached during breastfeeding and reattached after nursing.

As such, you have to expose only a little part of your breast which is enough to give access to your baby. Also, wearing a top with front fastening will make it convenient for you in making way for the baby without with minimum exposure. Once you start nursing, there is little room for exposure.

There are also special tops which come with discreet split or pleat. This pleat are too subtle to be noticed but can give your baby easy access to your breasts. These tops are especially made for nursing moms for convenient breastfeeding and also to reduce exposure.

If you are adverse to the idea of breastfeeding in public but at the same time do not want to feed your baby with formula milk, the solution lies in feeding your baby with expressed milk. You can express your breast milk into a bottle manually or using breast pumps. If you do it manually, you may learn the technique from a midwife.

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