Breathing Right For the Baby

No one till today would have ever thought that they would have to pay any attention to the way they breathe. It is an involuntary action that occurs without us even realizing it. We only think about our breath when we are panting and out of breath, if we are suffocating or drowning.
When you are pregnant, you will need to focus more on your breath. The oxygen that you take in will be required not only by you but also by your baby. This is serious business.

First, it is important to check for the equality of air that you breathe. You must make sure you are in cleaner surroundings. Avoid going to very polluted places, or places which have harmful emissions. Also avoid working in laboratories were experiments conducted give out chemicals or radioactive rays. You must make sure that you do not smoke through your pregnancy, and also that you do not expose yourself to any second hand smoke either.

It is important to pay attention to the air you breathe since all of it is also going to the child. The baby’s systems are not as evolved and complex as ours since it is still developing. You must make sure that you give it only clean air since it may not be able to filter the impurities as much, and this could even lead to serious damage to he baby.

In the initial months, breathing will still be involuntary. The baby is too small inside you to make any demands. Make sure that you are in a clean environment. This should suffise for now.  In the second rimester, the baby really starts growing. You should now try and make sure you keep some time aside for some simple relaxation and breathing activities. This could include some simple yoga and meditation and breath control. You could also try and read up on breathing techniques that will be useful during labour. Make sure you start practicing to take deeper breaths since you will need enough oxygen for the baby as well. Try and keep yourself calm and not get agitated. When you are excited, the breaths you take are shorter, and you end up breathing less oxygen.

In the last trimester, the baby will be very large and force you to take longer, larger breaths. You will get breathless faster. Now, it is important that you focus on your breath. Give yourself as much breathing space and do your exercise routines religiously. It is important to learn some breathing techniques for you while you are in labour. This will help you get past the pains and also give you the energy to help push the baby out.