Breech Babies-Not a Common Sight

A vaginal delivery is always preferred as compared to C-section delivery. This is because vaginal delivery is considered to be a normal process as opposed to a Caesarean. However, you have absolutely no hand in the type of delivery you are going to have. It depends on your baby’s position inside your body. In addition, any unforeseen contingency happening during the time of pregnancy or delivery will also determine the type of

What are breech babies?

Normally, a baby’s position in the mother’s uterus is always head down by the 34th or 35th week. Head down position is essential for a normal delivery. However, there are times when a baby doesn’t move and as a result have head up position. This head up position is called as breech. The babies who are in head up position are called as breech babies.

There are 3 types of breech:

Flexed breech
Extended breech
Footling breech

Flexed breech:

In flexed breech, the legs are flexed against the body and the buttocks are facing the cervix. Babies, who are positioned in this position, are called as
Flexed breech babies.

Extended breech:

In case of extended breech, baby’s buttocks are facing the cervix, but its arms will be wrapped around the legs.

Footling breech:

As the name suggest in case of footling breech, feet are resting on the cervix, with the arms wrapped around each other.

Majority of babies are head down by the 34th or 35th week. However, only a few are exceptions i.e. breech till that time and remain that way only. But there are also chances that babies might move down during the last week or even during the time of birth. There are also various exercises that can help you to turn the breech babies in to head down position.

Ask your health care provider about it. But if that doesn’t happen naturally, there are also other options. Either your obstetrician will turn the baby externally or your health care provider may ask you to go for a C-section. Most of the doctors are not well qualified enough in the vaginal delivery of breech babies and thus c-section is considered to be the best option.