Brushing Kids Teeth Needs Early Start

One of the most essential responsibilities of parents towards their kids is to develop oral hygiene in them during their growing years. It’s very important for parents to start developing the habit of brushing teeth right from their initial years to avoid teeth problems like tooth decay,tooth cavity etc.

During initial years of toddler phase of childhood, when baby have no teeth, they are solely on breast milk or formula milk .So,in order to avoid any infections and remove the plaques from gums, parents must use a soft wet cloth to clean their gums and tongue daily .This practice should be done at least twice a day ,preferably in morning and at night before going to bed

Later, when teeth starts coming up after 6months,soft bristle tooth brush of small size should be introduced .Parents must select good brand of  kids’ tooth brush and tooth paste. Parents should gently brush the teeth of their babies twice a day in a fun manner rather than making it boring for their kids.

In this way, brushing teeth becomes an exciting activity for kids and then slowly as they grow up they easily inculcate the habit within them. Besides, encouraging kids for regularly brushing their teeth, parents too must brush their teeth along with them, thus setting an example for them.

In addition to this, teaching brushing techniques in kids is also very important. They need to be made aware that while brushing teeth they have to clean all their teeth inside- out to remove plaque.The movement of brush should be from bottom to the top of the teeth in vertical direction and not in the horizontal direction.Secondly, the inner walls of the teeth too should also be cleaned in similar manner.

Finally, the chewing area of the teeth should be cleaned .Its always better for the parents to show them the correct technique of brushing teeth by themselves doing it. This makes things easier for kids to understand and follow it simultaneously.

Children have the tendency to eat anything sweet. Hence, there is greater probability of forming placques in their teeth and so greater chances of tooth decay. So, developing early brushing habit becomes very essential for the rest of their life.

Raka Raghuvanshi