Buying Baby Clothes On A Budget

Buying clothes for babies can be really exciting. After all, it is natural to want to see your little one look adorable dressed in the best, and it is natural for you to feel proud when others look admiringly at your baby.

However, your head might spin when you consider the speed in which your baby outgrows the new clothes that might have been bought just a few days or weeks back. Apart from the extra purchasing involved, the baby’s clothes do not come at lower prices just because the baby is small.

With the costs of daily life going up in leaps and bounds, the frequent purchase of new baby clothes could be more than you bargained for. Buying baby clothes on a budget will help you in this regard.

The following tips on how to buy baby clothes on a budget will open up different avenues where you can save money while still being able to get your baby new clothes.

Tip #1
To begin with, you can shop for baby clothes from a good second hand store. While you would always wish to give you little one the best of everything, you need to keep in mind that babies outgrow their clothes very easily. Therefore, you can get good clothes at reasonable prices from at either second hand stores or at clearance sales.

Tip #2
Buy clothes in bulk as these are normally cheaper. Clothes that are sold in packs of three or six will be more economical than going in for single items of clothing.

Tip #3
Buy clothes from others who have children. These could be your relatives, co-workers, neighbours or friends. Their children would have outgrown their clothes, and they would be more than happy to get rid of the smaller clothes at a nominal price.

Tip #4
Plan your purchases, and buy your child’s clothes in advance. You will have an idea about the rate at which your child would grow and you will be able to judge what size clothes your baby will wear in another six months or so. Stock up for the future when there is a good sale.

Tip #5
Re-use old clothes by combining ingenuity with creativity. If you find that your baby girl has outgrown a baby dress, you can cut it so that it fits her as a cute play top to be worn with shorts. If your baby boy’s trousers are now too short for him, cut it down to size and give him a pair of shorts.

Joy Natarajan