C-Section: What Should You expect During Such a Delivery

Caesarean section or C-section is delivery of a baby by surgical incision through the abdominal wall and uterus. Such type of delivery is becoming quite common these days. Some women out of fear for labor pain may go through it. In some cases, it may be out of compulsion and urgencies.

You never know if you will also undergo this procedure. As such, you may be inquisitive what actually happens during C section delivery. The following information may throw some light on this procedure.

Before the actual surgery starts you are administered local anesthesia. As such, only an area of your body will be numbed and if you request, you can actually see the surgery being conducted on you. Application of local anesthesia is considered safer for your as well as your baby’s health. You may also be given a pain relieving injection apart from the anesthetic injection. After this, a catheter is inserted into the bladder. Because once, you are numbed, you won’t be able to empty the bladder on your own.

During the actual surgical procedure, a horizontal cut is made just above the pubic bone around your bikini line. The length of the cut may vary from 4-6 inches. In certain cases, a vertical cut is required. The incision is longer in such cases running from just below your navel through the area just above the pubic bone. It all depends on the position of your baby. Normally, in case of urgent delivery, a vertical incision is likely.

After cutting through the abdominal wall, the wall of the womb is then cut open and the baby delivered safely. While cutting the wall of the womb there is a rare possibility of your baby’s skin being cut. You need not worry much as it is a mere superficial cut and its occurrence is quite rare.

After the baby has been delivered, the walls of your womb will be fastened with dissolvable stitches. Then the abdominal wall is repaired with either with dissolvable stitches or staples. Usual medication post surgery includes antibiotics and a shot of Oxytocin hormone. Within few days you may recover and be happy and content being a mother to a healthy baby.