Cafeteria Manners For Kids

Cafeteria Manners for KidsCafeteria is a vital part of every teenagers life, when the child goes to the school or to the college and the child should behave properly in the cafeteria is what every parent wants.

There are some cafeteria manners which your kids should learn initially to create good impression on the people around. Let us find out some good manners which your kids should know and follow in their cafeterias.

 Good Etiquettes For Cafeteria

 Teach the kid to Take a walk around the food stations and check out the varieties of food available. They should not just enter and sit on any station without checking others.  The food station in the cafeteria which is most crowded should not be visited by the kids, as they might get hurt in the crowd. If the crowded station is the one serving their favourite food they should wait for their turn and then place the order.

They should reserve their sitting table in advance and should not fight with others for the table. Usually when a table gets empty two three people run towards the table and start fighting , the kids should not get into this kind of practices.
When entering the cafeteria they should keep in mind that there is self service. So after placing the order the child should go on their own to pick their order when their order number flashes on the board.

After placing the order the kids should pay the bill also then and there. Then only they will get the food they have ordered.  On the payment counter you should use basic etiquette and say please and thank you while placing the order.
The kid should be taught to wait for their order because some orders take some time for preparation.

There are quick service counters in the cafeteria but there are some food items which take time in preparation. So teach your kids to wait for the food items to be prepared and not to make hue and cry about the order.  The kids can buy some hot drinks or cold drinks by the time their food is getting served or prepared in the cafeteria.

The kids should learn cafeteria manners like keeping the water in the glasses in advance before eating, so that by getting up again and again they do not have to trouble the other people sitting around them.  Some kids start shouting from their table only about any complaint, they should learn to go at the counter and then tell the manager politely about the complaint instead of shouting.

If the kids spill the glass of water or cold drink on their friends clothes they should learn to say sorry immediately about the mistake.  Amongst good etiquettes comes pushing the sitting chair in and out very gently so that it does not disturb others.

Sometimes the kids push their chair in such a manner that it bangs against the person sitting behind them. This should be avoided by the kids.  These good manners about eating in cafeteria will make your kids well mannered and they will be appreciated by their friends too for showing good etiquettes.