Caffeine Effect On Fetal Development

Now that you are pregnant, you need to take care of your body, health, eating habits, smoking and drinking habits and of course caffeine consumption habit. It has a direct effect on your health during pregnancy. You must know about the effects of Caffeine on your baby.

Truth is that there are several risks in pregnancy because of caffeine. Though there are debates going about the acceptance of caffeine during the pregnancy, but still you must take minimal risks. After all it is about your own baby so try to avoid caffeine while you are pregnant. There are some evidences that suggest the fact that any amount of it can cause some of the physical effects on your little one.

Caffeine passes through the placenta and is absorbed by the baby. Now when it comes to adults, they can break down caffeine quite quickly because of the chemicals present in the body. However, for a developing baby, it is difficult due to the lack of efficiency.

By this whole discussion, the conclusion is that all the caffeine that you consume would be stored inside the blood of the baby for a long period of time. Mind it that caffeine could harm the health of baby. There are high levels of dangers and risk in this so try and avoid as much of caffeine as possible.

Other than that, caffeine has also other affects other than the health of your baby which is yet to be born. Caffeine could increase the heart rate of baby and may affect his movements inside the uterus. Because of the fact that caffeine s diuretic it can affect the nutrition that a baby gets from his mother. Coffee intakes also reduce efficiency to absorb iron and calcium which is detriment to the baby’s overall fetal development.

It may shock you but in the recent studies, a Danish study polled more than 90,000 pregnancy woman regarding the coffee intake and it has been found out that woman who drank a lot of coffee are more likely to experience a miscarriage. So better be safe and avoid caffeine for your won health and the baby’s.