Care After Cesarean Delivery

A cesarean delivery is seen to be very rough on the mother’s body. So a lot of extra care is necessary after the delivery. A proper healing time should be given for the body to recovery completely after the cesarean.

The most important factor to be taken care of is the health and comfort level of the new mother. Do not put any unnecessary strain to the abdominal muscles as they might lead to pain and other complications. Proper rest as advised by your physician should be taken.

Usually you will be advised by your doctor to walk around 8 hours after the surgery. This helps in the prevention of blood clots. When you start walking for the first time after the cesarean, do walk slowly and do not rush around, as you will tend to feel dizzy and short breathed.

Avoid any form of strenuous housework. Do not lift anything which is heavier than your baby. Avoid the practice of repeatedly climbing up and down the stairs as it puts more strain on your body. Do not indulge in sex or any form of exercise without getting a go ahead signal from your doctor.

Take special care of your diet after your cesarean. A well balanced diet is required to bring the body back to its healthy state. Keep yourself hydrated and avoid constipation by drinking plenty of water. Avoid oily and junk food. Keep away from food which can cause you gastric trouble. Include lots of leafy greens and yogurt in your diet.

Take special care of your posture. Always place a small pillow behind your back while sitting. If you sleep lying on your back, place a pillow under your thighs for extra comfort. Take care to support your stomach while laughing, coughing or sneezing. Any discomforts like pain wile urinating, headaches and smelly vaginal discharges should be given immediate medical attention.

Wash your surgical wound with soap and after the dressing is removed. Be gentle and take proper care that the wound is hundred percent dry. If the wound isn’t completely dry, it may lead to infections.

A cesarean delivery is much more strenuous and rougher than a normal delivery. By take proper care and rest after the delivery, you are sure to be fit and fine within a matter of time.