Care And Caution In First Trimester

Care And Caution In First TrimesterA woman’s life is full of joy and happiness when she expects a baby. She starts caring as soon as she comes to know about her pregnancy. During pregnancy a woman undergoes various physical, biological, and psychological changes. Especially during her first trimester she needs to take extra precautions.

Care And Caution in First Trimester

The third month of pregnancy requires a lot of care. An expectant mother may start to educate herself on pregnancy. Most of the signs of pregnancy in third month are same as in first and second month. The uterus starts to stretch.

The pregnancy symptoms which may continue or begin during third month are nausea, a runny nose, breast tenderness and headache. Some may feel frequent urination and increased saliva. Dizziness and faintness is yet another symptom.

On an average a woman can gain two to four pounds of weight. One feels tired due to hormonal changes. If nausea and vomiting continues, the weight gain may be below average. It is important to start having prenatal vitamins as soon as these symptoms occur.

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During third month of pregnancy baby’s bones start developing; baby grows nearly four inches long. Due these reasons woman experiences fatigue and mood swings it is suggestible to take extra rest during this time.

Regular checkups are very necessary during pre natal care one should start taking folic acid and calcium supplements. These supplements help in preventing birth defects. Calcium is very important for both baby and would be mother for their bone health.

Diet for First Trimester

One should follow a balanced and nutritious diet. Pasteurized dairy products, such as milk, cheese and yoghurt are must to be included in diet. One should have ample amount have green and leafy vegetables, fruits, whole grain food items, protein rich food and cereals in her diet. Plenty of water intakes also help.

Some women develop craving for certain food and non food items. Urge to eat something which is not food can be treated medically. Many suffer from pregnancy gingivitis due to oral changes. They must use antibacterial gargle after properly brushing their teeth. It will prevent all kind of bacterial growth. Apart from these precautions one should stay happy, wear loose clothes. A casual walk in parks or gardens in evening is good for health.