Care During Pregnancy

Pregnancy is an extremely crucial phase in the life of a woman. It is characterized by health problems, mood swings, development of fears and insecurities and uninhibited joy at the prospect of coming of a new family member. Pregnant women require more care and affection to cope up with such extreme tendencies during this phase. As a result, pregnant women should be pampered and cared for by the husbands.

Difficulty Level: It is not too difficult to care for a pregnant woman. The task only requires patience and showering affection on the pregnant women to help her cope with this phase.

Cooking dinner for your pregnant wife will make her feel pampered. Pregnant women need someone to make them feel special and cared for. You can cook her favorite dishes for dinner and surprise her with your love and affection.

You can help her with household chores like vacuuming the floors, doing the laundry, cleaning the kitchen, etc. This will ease off the load of household chores from her and she will extremely appreciate your help.

Once the baby is born, you might not get time to spend with each other at least for the first 1-2 years. Hence take her out on a date to a lovely restaurant or plan a picnic which is not too strenuous. Spend a warm afternoon with her in a park or book tickets for a movie show.

During pregnancy, muscles cramps
and spasms often arise. Give your pregnant wife a body massage or hire a therapist. She would love the attention and it will keep her spirits high.

Pregnancy is a phase when the woman experience extreme bouts of ecstasy and low. Be patient with her while she struggles through this phase. Be encouraging as she undergoes emotional and physical changes and support her in dealing with them.

Understand her fears and insecurities. Listen to her complaints and don’t be angered at them. Be genuine in your responses to her doubts.

During pregnancy, women experience cravings for certain food items. Be patient and try to satisfy her cravings. You may have to run to a store at midnight but keep in mind that she is going through an extremely difficult phase and you should help her in every possible way.

Keep telling her that she is beautiful.
She might feel conscious of her body figure. But you have to ensure that she is not bogged down by this. Call her from work to ask about her health or simply to say that you care. Make her happy at all times by getting her small gifts or chocolates.