Caring for Your Feet During Pregnancy

Pregnant women normally pay attention to their diets and fitness most. This is because it has a natural and direct impact on the baby. The mother withdraws and takes a back seat and the baby which is not even born becomes the focus of her being. This is certainly a good thing. Focussing on your child will help give it good health and vibrations before it is born. It is also the ground for a healthy baby to be born. The mother, though, cannot be ignored.

Initially, you will find that there is little change that the body undergoes. Other than the nausea and hormonal changes, little is going on in the body physically. It is only later in the pregnancy that noticeable changes start to occur.  As weight begins to increase, the mother finds it more difficult to walk longer distances. The stress on the legs becomes greater, and the feet also start to tire easily. You should make sure that you put your feet up often and give them lots of rest. Get a gentle foot massage as often as you can to release the tension in the feet.

You can also try and soak the feet in warm water at night. This will not only soothe the feet but also relax you and give you a good night’s sleep. Do not let pain in the feet restrict your movement unless prescribed by the doctor. It is a common symptom among all pregnant women, and your exercise is a must.

Women also experience swelling in their feet from water retention. This is caused due to excessive salt in the body. Reduce the intake of salt, and have plenty of fluids to flush out the excess. It is common to have the hands and feet swell towards the end of your pregnancy, but watch for the level of salt in the body, and keep your intake low. Sometimes, circulation of blood to the feet is slowed down. This can also cause the feet to swell, and sometimes even turn a little blue. You should massage the feet well, and you could even use a little oil. During this time the feet can start to become dry, and the oil will help keep it moist.