Caring For Your Hair During Pregnancy

Women experience maximum hormonal changes during their pregnancy. This fluctuation may cause many changes emotionally and physically, it takes a toll on your hair too.

These changes are temporary and usually your hair gets back to normal after your baby’s born.

Hair gets thicker:

Elevated estrogen levels during pregnancy extends the growth phase of your hair and slows its resting phase, so the hair that is supposed to shed is still resting. This is why some pregnant women find their hair to be thicker and luxurious and others find themselves with unmanageable hair all of the sudden.

Hair turns oily or frizzy

Depending on your body type your body may speeden or slow down the production of oil. This may cause your straight hair to become wavy or oily. You can take help from your beautician and ask them tips to tame your hair during pregnancy.

Coloring your hair

This is a conflicting issue between many experts and expectant mothers. Some doctors advise to stay away from chemical treatment of any kind especially during the first trimester.You may use natural or vegetable dyes instead of chemical dyes to color your hair.

Choosing Haircare Products

You may need to change your hair care products during your pregnancy to suit your changed hair type. Nowadays, some companies are manufacturing products exclusively for expectant mothers.

You may also talk to your hair care experts and enquire about which products will suit your hair.Also, talk to your hairstylist and doctor and check if you can straighten, perm or curl your hair.

Once your baby’s born, your body will start getting back to normal and one of the side effects is hair loss.While your body is recovering from the pregnancy, you hair too would be slowly getting back to normal. Do not worry about the sudden hair loss as it is very common and completely normal.

After your baby’s born, the high estrogen in your body reduces and your hair returns to the original growing, resting and shedding cycle. You should remember that this change is temporary and in couple of months your hair will be back to normal.

Meera M.Das