Carving for Foods During Pregnancy: The Top Five Tempting Foods

Pregnancy brings along a lots of changes in your. Some of these changes are quite strange and unexpected. All of a sudden, you will discover that you have developed a special carving for certain foods. This is quite in contrast to the aversion of foods you developed during the early days of pregnancy. Morning sickness and aversion to food is usual during the first trimester as you are affected by nausea during this period.

All these changes are consequences of hormonal changes which were triggered when you became pregnant. After morning sickness wears off, you may develop a strong carving for some foods. As you are now eating for two, everyone around you will also encourage you to eat more. A pregnancy diet is usually recommended by health care practitioners. Nevertheless, here is a list of some of the most tempting foods of pregnant women. The good news is these foods may also add to your nutritional requirement during pregnancy.

Most women develop a carving for ice creams during pregnancy. Your body requires extra sugar as the baby develops and this explains the carving for ice creams. It is okay as long as you don’t go beyond a limit to please your taste buds.

Cheese spread is again a favorite among pregnant women. Cheese spread and sandwich makes a lethal combination. You may even like to indulge in cheese spreads all day. It gives your body enough calories and is also rich in certain vitamins. No wonder you can start looking for the best brands of cheese spread next time you visit the local Supermarket.

If you are running through a restaurant menu, it is likely that you may focus your attention to read meat items. Craving for red meat may be an indication that your body requires more iron. You may again give in to temptation but do not go overboard.

Sour foods such as pickles may also be tempting while you are pregnant. Taking pickles in combination with cheesecake sound watery! Again, keep the intake writhing a range.

Carving for salty foods is also likely during pregnancy. Again don’t indulge in too much of salty snacks as it may lead to increased blood pressure.