Baby Care

Newborn Baby Clothes

Newborn Baby Clothes

The most difficult job in this world is, perhaps, buying gifts for the new born. Nine out of times they have already bought all…

Toilet Training Your Child

Toilet Training Your Child

Many parents are anxious to get their child toilet trained, whether the child is ready or not. This is partly due to the fact…

How To Take Care Of Twins

How To Take Care Of Twins

Giving birth to a baby is one of the most blissful experiences in a woman’s life and her family. A child is a god’s…

Baby Massage

Some Useful Baby Massage Tips

Baby Massage is gentle touch of care that every new born should get from his mother’s delicate hands. Infant massages can be termed as…

baby bedding

Baby Bedding

Choosing baby bedding can be a complex task at times. This article discusses how to choose the right kind of baby bedding.

Baby Feeding Schedule

When you bring home your newborn, you want to ensure that you give your baby the best to keep him healthy and happy.

Baby Vitamins

Baby Vitamins

When it comes to giving vitamins to your baby, all experts differ in their opinions. Some think that yes, your baby needs additional vitamins…

Tips to Handle Fussy Babies

Your baby is crying endlessly and you don’t seem to understand what to do. This situation can make you feel so helpless. It is…

Hiccups in Babies1

Hiccups in Babies

One of the things that seem to bother new parents is the frequent hiccups in babies. These hiccups may start when the baby is…

Your Baby's First Foods

Your Baby’s First Foods

For the first four months if you have enough milk and the baby is sucking well and gaining enough weight then that is all…

Diaper Rash

Causes of Diaper Rash

Infants have sensitive skin. Skin disorders or irritants can cause rashes in the diaper region.

Child Immunization

After the passage of first three months from the birth of the child, the process of immunization of the child against infectious diseases is…

Infant Growth Spurts

Is your newborn suddenly clamoring for more milk or keeping you awake all night because he/she is hungry? Just when a mother thinks that…


Post-Natal Depression

Pregnant women are likely to suffer from post natal depression during pregnancy. There are many factors because of which the chances of depression arise…

Benefits of Bottle Feeding

Benefits of Bottle Feeding

When you are pregnant, you are always told about the importance of breast milk and the good that it does to your child. Sometimes,…

Gentle Care for the Newborn

Gentle Care for the Newborn

When the baby is born, its skin is very gentle and soft, and it needs to be taken care of in a proper manner….

8th month1

The Eighth Month and Your Baby

Children love to hear repeated sounds. Even if you are singing songs and nursery rhymes do the same ones again and again. By now…


Safety in the Bath

Children somehow manage to do the most dangerous and unexpected things. You have to be very careful when you have a child in your…

Causes Of Crystals In Infant Urine

Causes Of Crystals In Infant Urine

Crystals in the urine of newborns and the not-so-newborns is very common and is not necessarily a serious condition. However, it should not be…

Baby Bathing Safety Tips

Baby Bathing Safety Tips

Baby bathing is one of the most enjoyable and vital steps of parenting. Bathing overactive new born often poses some difficulties to a new…