Baby Care


Chicken Pox in Children

Even though chicken pox can occur at any age, it is more common in children. Most children get it before the age of six….

Baby Hair Care And Hair Growth

Choosing right methods and hair care products for black hair babies will be a stepping stone for your baby to have long, healthy and…

Baby Feeding Schedule

When you bring home your newborn, you want to ensure that you give your baby the best to keep him healthy and happy.

Feeding Your Baby

It is very much important to decide the method of feeding your newborn. Breast feeding is the natural and best way to feed a…

Baby Play Mat

How To Choose A Baby Play Mat

New born babies need to have an enjoyable play time. The first toy-like thing that most babies will be using is a play mat….

Baby Skin Care Tips

Baby Skin Care Tips

The skin of a newborn baby is soft and wonderful to touch. The low levels of melanin production in the skin keep it tender…

Baby Bassinet

Choosing A Baby Bassinet

A parent has to ensure that the baby is comfortable from the time he/she is born. This is a very challenging task indeed. But…

How To Pack A Diaper Bag

Packing a diaper bag is not as easy as it might seem. This article discusses tips on packing a diaper bag as well as the mandatory components of a diaper bag.

Simple Remedies For Cradle Cap

Infants below three months of age are prone to something known as Cradle Cap. This is a common skin problem, which occurs on the…

Feeding Throughout The First year

Until the age of about four months, you will be feeding your baby milk alone. But how will your breast-feeding routine change once you…

Baby Bouncers

All About Baby Bouncers

Your new-born baby needs entertainment and for this a baby bouncer can come in handy. A fun and safe way to calm fussy or…

Teething Symptoms In Kids

Teething in infants is an important development in kid’s life. During this phase, infants undergo a lot of pain and inconveniences. This leaves the…

Types of Nappies

Types of Nappies

Child birth is very tiring and can also be very difficult.  But once done, there are loads of things to worry about; namely, care…

child fever

Tips To Treat Fever In Children

Changes in weather conditions, intake of a certain food items, too much fatigue, etc can cause fever in children. Parents can follow these simple…

Baby Massage

Baby Massage

Massaging is the manual manipulation of the body for medicinal or relaxation purpose. It is found to be ideal for babies as massaging helps…

Basic Baby Supplies For Baby Care

Basic Baby Supplies For Baby Care

For parents looking forward for their first child, the list of supplies to be purchased is daunting. Trying to make out what is essential,…