Baby Care

Child Proof Your House

Child Proof Your House

Children can be very accident prone and if you do have a child in the house even a toddler you need to take proper…

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Ways To Treat Baby Eczema

Approximately twenty percent of all the small children and infants in the world suffer from baby eczema, according to Baby Center. The word baby…

De-worming Your Child

Worm infestation is more common in children than in adults. It is very troublesome. Children as young as two years can begin to get…

Diaper Bag Essentials

Diaper Bag Essentials

With a new baby travelling and going for outings can be a challenge. Most new parents are at a loss on what must go…

Home Made Baby Food

Home Made Baby Food

We all know that our growing babies need special nutrition. In order to provide healthy food to them we end up with choosing various…


Handling the Night Feeds

Once the mother delivers it is as if the tiredness is already catching up. She experiences a whole set of changes. The feeding can slowly begin…

weaning your baby

Weaning Your Baby

As your baby grows his dietary requirements also change. After six months mother’s milk is not enough to take care of his growing requirements….

Putting Your Baby To Bed

Putting Your Baby To Bed

You will find the fist four months with your baby like you have been sleep deprived. Some babies keep you awake most of the…

Cloth Diper

Benefits Of Using Cloth Diapers

The debate over cloth versus disposable diapers is endless. Most parents seem in a dilemma when it comes to choosing the right kind of…

How To Create A Safe Baby Nursery

Safety Tips For Baby Nursery

Baby nursery safety remains the top priority once the infant gets introduced to his/her home environment. The basic concerns remain as to how to…

Baby Play Mat

How To Choose A Baby Play Mat

New born babies need to have an enjoyable play time. The first toy-like thing that most babies will be using is a play mat….

Hydrocele in Children

If you give birth to a baby boy it is advisable to get his testes and penis regularly checked by the pediatrician. Even if,…

sleeping baby

Make Baby Sleep Through Night

Your little bundle of joy has arrived and it’s time to celebrate. But you hardly seem in the mood for celebrations. As new parents…

Disposable Baby Diapers

Advantages of Disposable Baby Diapers

There has always been a healthy debate centering around the cloth and disposable diapers. It is widely accepted that cloth diapers have many benefits…

Easy Methods of Burping Your Baby

Easy Methods of Burping Your Baby

Burping is very much required for the newborn babies after every feeding. Usually during feeding the babies swallow some amount of air. This swallowed…

Giving Your Baby Top Feeds

Giving Your Baby Top Feeds

Artificial milk feed has to be resorted to when breast milk is really inadequate or later as the baby grows older and breast milk…

B Feed

How to Breast Feed

Before each feed wash the nipples and surrounding area with clean boiled water.Wash and dry your nipples again after each feed. Keeping your nipples…


Home Remedies For Babies With Gas

Similar to adult persons, infants and children too suffer from gas problem due to excessive swallowing of air while consuming milk or solid food….

Baby Safety Tips for Car Travel

You can help to protect your child from injury by always restraining them on car journeys as described below. Although car safety equipments may…

Right Toothbrush For Your Baby

The Right Toothbrush For Your Baby

Teething problems are very common once your child reaches six months of age. You will see that the child experiences lots of discomfort. There…

Bottle Feeding - Tips

Bottle Feeding – Tips

Breast milk is considered to be the best way of feeding babies. This holds true because of two reasons—firstly, because it’s said that mother’s…

bottle feeding

Bottle Feeding Tips

Breast milk is considered to be the best milk for kids .However because of various reasons, all mothers are not able to breast feed…